Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation Strategy Guide

Ecommerce Email Marketing Automation Strategy Details

Email marketing automation strategy for ecommerce starts with the customer journey. 

For automation, we need first to map the complete customer journey and then place communication on every touchpoint for every stage of the customer journey. 

We group automation along four stages – 

  • Potential customer – targeted at the pre-purchase journey.
  • First-time customers – targeted at first-time buyers
  • Repeat customers – targeted at repeat buyers
  • Lapsed customers – a customer who has stopped buying.

In this guide, we will cover strategy, triggers, time delays, core messaging points for these automation –

  1. Welcome Flow
  2. Cart Abandonment Flow
  3. Replenishment Flow
  4. Winback Flow
  5. Browser Abandonment Flow
  6. Category Abandonment Flow
  7. Search Abandonment Flow

Download the guide to know more about setting up email marketing automation for ecommerce brands. 

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