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Rahi Jain

(11+ Years Experience)

Customer Retention

Data Analytics

Brand Strategy


Harneet Kaur

(9+ Years Experience)

Creative Director

Brand Designs

Development Process


Kamal Preet

(2+ Years Experience)


A/B Testing


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Proud projects that make us stand out

Music Majlis

30% Revenue From Klaviyo Flows: Music Majlis Case Study

Le Panier Francais

600% Revenue Increase By Migrating From Mailchimp To Klaviyo: Le Panier Francais​ Study

The Man Company

154 Units Sold From A Single Klaviyo Campaign: The Man Company Case Study

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Results Ownership

Best Retention strategies to generate greater outcomes.

Research-Backed Process

Best Retention strategies to generate greater outcomes.

Roadmap To Success

Lead your way in the right and bright direction.

Remarkable Quality

Top-notch results with top-notch quality.

Responsive To Feedback

Transparent and open-minded to take everything in and bring out the best.

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Our Story

RetainUp Consultancy is built over a mindset in sync with the ecommerce business owners to increase their growth potential. We believe Retention is the only way to make an ecommerce business successful in the long run.

Working With Us = Keeping Your Customers

About Rahi Jain


I help businesses to scale profitably by increasing their customer lifetime value and decreasing their cost of acquisition.

I deliver 10X ROI for clients by improving end to end customer experience using lifecycle marketing, doing product optimisation, building growth loops and customer feedback loops.

I obsess over customer psychology while they are going through every stage of their experience with the brand, including communication, product experience, feedback, support and business processes.

I specialise in working with high growth ecommerce brands looking to scale their businesses from 6 figures to 8-9 figures revenue. I work on fully managed client work, consulting and training model.

Logo Story

Customer retention is the only metric to predict the success of your business in the long run.

Every single day you are losing your customers to bad retention strategy. Contact to fix your customer retention plan.



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