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22 Effective Customer Retention Strategies For Ecommerce

Do you have a retention strategy? Most brands have acquisition strategy but don’t have strategy to keep customer coming back.

Not working on ecommerce customer retention was my biggest mistake during my last milion dollar startup.

This article covers 22+ customer retention strategies along with a framework for you to come up with more ideas.

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Email Marketing Audit For Ecommerce: 40+ Actionable Insights

With 6 billion unique email addresses on the planet, email still has the highest reach of any other mode of communication.

Email marketing audit is all about doing it right and finding actionable.

We will be covering 40+ email audit parameters to check in any email account.

Let’s get started.

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Ecommerce Website Personalization Ideas For Higher Conversions

In good old days, before online shopping, the neighbourhood shop would remember you by your name, know your family, ask about your kids, knows your last purchase, introduce new arrivals and gives you sound advice to purchase next under your budget and well suiting yours needs.

That’s personalisation. We all love personalisation.

As a consumer, it makes us feel more human.

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Email List Building: 15+ Effective Ways

The email has been one of the most effective communication media brand owns.
Capturing emails is an essential first step for any marketing automation solution.
Here we will be discussing a sustainable experimentation system for finding the best set of techniques for your business.

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