Would You Like To Grow Your Ecommerce Store By Keeping Customers For Life?

We increase customer lifetime value by our 8 step plan to orchestrate the customer journey, which has helped 20+ brands grow.

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We Solve This Problem For Ecommerce Brands

A good ecommerce business is not defined by its ability to acquire customers but to retain them. That's why we know how to find out what's wrong with your ecommerce business and solve them to make your business grow more than ever.

Increase Repeat Purchase Rate

Most ecommerce brands have only 20-40% repeat purchase rate. 5% increase in repeat purchase leads to 90% increase in profits.

High Average Order Value

Most brands do very little to move their average order value up. Most overlooked aspect of ecommerce.

More Shoppers From Visitors

80-90% Visitors don't even add products to their cart. Nurture customer across the complete journey.

First Time Buyer To Loyal Customer

Most ecommerce store have 60-80% one time buyers. You can't make profit on one time buyers.

How We Can Help You?

We expertise in increasing average order value, purchase frequency, conversion rate, and more. The ultimate goal is to make your customers keep doing business with you.

Product Communication

Personalised communication across customer journey to manage the emotional state of customer.

Marketing AutomationEmail MarketingSMS Marketing

Product Enhancement

Product enhancement leads to keeping your customers for life. Building a VIP audience for a lifetime maximizes your ecommerce business growth rate.

Ecommerce ConsultancyRetention ConsultancyLoyalty Program Management

Product Optimisation

Product optimisation covers the analytics, A/B testing, and optimising your complete experience.

UX AuditWebsite PersonalisationCRO Services

Who We Are?

We help ecommerce companies get next level growth by retaining their customers, increasing customer lifetime value and decreasing acquisition costs through email marketing, marketing automation, conversion rate optimisation and enhancing customer experience.

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Marketing Automation and Setup

The prospects for a company operating in this new market are varied and exciting. The potential

Why you should work on Retention

Next Level Growth

Next Level Growth

Working on customer retention can take your business growth to the next level. Envision your success and see the bigger picture to keep customers for life.

High Profits Margins

High Profits Margins

Commit to continuous learning from your customer journey. Personalize your approach to earn more per customer by working on customer retention.

Future Proof Your Business

Future Proof Your Business

In the long run, customer acquisition costs can take up all your savings and profits. Customer Retention will future proof your business's success.

Turn customers into lifelong fans

Turn customers into lifelong fans

Customer retention helps in nurturing your customers at every step of their journey. And make them your lifelong fans.

Retention Blog

Updated April 14, 2021

Ecommerce Email Marketing Audit : The Definitive Guide

With 6 billion unique email addresses on the planet, email still has the highest reach of any other mode of communication. People change their physical address more often than their email address. Email can generate an ROI of 1:38 if done right. Email audit is all about doing it right and finding actionable. We will be covering 40+ parameters to check in any email account. Let's get started. Email Audit Benefits Given the long history of email marketing, there's a lot of moving dimensions…
Updated July 28, 2020

RFM analysis for Customer Segmentation and Targeting

Customers are not created equal. Breaking customers into homogenous groups - called segments, helps with 2 objectives - Help with understanding customer better. Aka know your customer. Improve targeting and communication to drive better results. It sounds easy and powerful. Only problem with segmentation is it goes out of hand very soon. You can segments on geographic, demographic, technological, behavioural and what not. Also on each segment (may be 100+), you need to make different targeting…
Updated June 8, 2020

Winback Campaigns Emails For Reactivation and Re-permission

A clean list is a happy list. Regular email cleaning the right way helps with - costing, revenue and domain reputation and more. Run cleaning on autopilot with simple segmentation and automation. Three simple segmentations will keep your list clean and fresh. Benefits of keeping email list clean Keeping list clean have multiple benefits for everyone involved, one of the rare good deeds. Costing Every subscriber costs you money. Even the ones haven't opened your email in months. Either you use…
Updated June 5, 2020

Browse Abandonment Emails For Window Shoppers

Browse abandonment targets the largest segment of your customers - Window Shoppers. Around 30% of email marketing revenue comes from browse abandonment campaigns due to its sheer size. There are four campaigns of browse abandonment namely - product abandonment, category abandonment, search abandonment and home page abandonment. Let's start implementing them today. What is Browse Abandonment? Browse abandonment is automation targeting to users who have left the website without doing much…
Updated June 4, 2020

15+ Effective Email List Building

This is the list of email capturing ideas along with a complete email capturing system for your website. The email has been one of the most effective communication media which brand owns. Capturing emails on the website is an essential first step for any marketing automation solution like this one for ecommerce . Here we will be discussing a sustainable experimentation system for finding the best set of techniques for your business. Building Email Capturing System Given the countless ways to…
Updated June 3, 2020

10+ Highly Effective Flows For Ecommerce Marketing Automation

According to Brian Tracy, only three ways to increase any business – Increase the number of customers. Get those users to buy more. Sell high revenue from those users. Most companies and founders are focused on the first part of the story. In that also they are leaving money on the table. Most companies are nowhere on the 2nd and 3rd. For all the activities you would do on your website to increase conversions, this will be of highest impact. I promise. Let's start. Why marketing automation rocks…

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Customer retention is the only metric to predict the success of your business in the long run.

Every single day you are losing your customers to bad retention strategy. Contact to fix your customer retention plan.


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