11 Super Easy High Converting Email Design Elements For Ecommerce

Is your e-commerce email game a hit or miss? Or are your e-commerce emails falling flat? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. We’re here to walk you through the best practices for high-converting email designs. We’ll unravel the secrets of crafting high-converting email campaigns for your store’s success. 🚀 So, let’s dive in and master the […]

Below, we will cover

Is your e-commerce email game a hit or miss?

Or are your e-commerce emails falling flat?

Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

We’re here to walk you through the best practices for high-converting email designs.

We’ll unravel the secrets of crafting high-converting email campaigns for your store’s success. 🚀

So, let’s dive in and master the art of email design for e-commerce triumph!

11 Design Elements Of High Converting Emails

Think of an email like a puzzle, with each part contributing to the big picture of success.

Where every pixel matters in crafting high-converting email campaigns!

Let’s first break down the email design into bite-sized blocks for the ultimate recipe for ecommerce triumph!

A high-converting email should have the following elements: 

  • #1 Create a stunning hero banner 
  • #2 Intriguing subject line & preview line 
  • #3 Header strip & logo 
  • #4 Hero text 
  • #5 Email layout 
  • #6 Compelling product images 
  • #7 Call to action 
  • #8 Email offer 
  • #9 Email design optimization 
  • #10 Elements to boost your email marketing
  • #11 Advance email design

Now we’ll break it all down, from single email components to block-based design, and even creating your own checklist for that picture-perfect email. 

#1 Create A Stunning Hero Banner

Just like the title of the book or trailer of any movie catches the user’s attention first.

Similarly, the hero banner of an email is the first thing that catches the audience’s attention.

Craft an email that packs a punch with a stunning Hero Banner! 🌟

Now what makes your hero banner stand out?

Hero Image

Picture This – Your hero image should be like a magnetic force pulling readers in. 

For instance, if you’re selling fitness gear, show someone breaking a sweat.


Instant emotional connection!

PRO Tip: Use lifestyle images that connect with your message.


Your headline is the star of the show. Make it snappy and relevant.

Example: “SAVE 40% on Teeth Whitening”, “Get Fit, Get Happy!” or “New Arrivals”


Captivating attention from the get-go

Hero Subhead

Think of it as your headline’s trusty sidekick. It should elaborate just enough to pique interest.

For instance, “Unlock 50% Off on All Workout Essentials.” Benefit? Clear, irresistible offers.

Offer Details

This is where you spill the beans. Provide specifics like discounts, deadlines, and any exclusions.

Example: “50% off all workout gear until Friday! Excludes accessories.” Benefit? Zero confusion, maximum conversions.

PRO Tip: Don’t forget to mention the coupon code.

CTA First Fold CTA

Your Call to Action (CTA) should be bold, clear, and above the fold.

Something like “Shop Now” or “Grab Your Discount.” Benefit?

No scrolling is needed to take action.

#2 Intriguing Subject Line & Preview Line

The subject line and preview text of an email plays a pivotal role in grabbing the recipient’s attention and enticing them to open the message.

Crafting these elements effectively can significantly impact the success of your email campaigns increasing the click-through rate.

Compelling subject Lines

A captivating subject line should be concise, relevant, and evoke curiosity.

For instance, “Your exclusive offer waiting inside 👉”

The above example not only informs recipients about potential savings but also entices them to learn more by opening the email.

Use Emojis

Emojis can add flair and personality to your subject line but use them smartly.

They can visually represent emotions or actions, like a smiling emoji to convey happiness or a pointing finger emoji to direct attention.

For example, “🌟 Don’t Miss Out on Our Summer Sale!” adds a touch of excitement.

Nail Your Pre-header Text

Your pre-header text complements the subject line, providing a sneak peek into the email’s content.

Make it concise and engaging, like “Shop Now for Summer Styles” following a subject line about a fashion sale.

This combo creates a seamless invitation to open and explore your email.

Another critical aspect of creating effective emails is ensuring they are powerful and actionable. Most people skim through their emails, and if your email does not stand out, they won’t even bother opening it.

PRO Tip: Use CoSchedule’s email subject line tester to test our subject lines.

#3 Header Strip & Logo

In the realm of email marketing, the first impression is everything, and that’s where the header strip and brand logo come into play.

They’re the digital equivalents of a warm smile and a firm handshake when someone opens your email.

Let’s explore why they’re vital for making a lasting impression.

Header Strip

Placing a header strip at the start, often with the shipping policy, reassures customers about the transparency and reliability of your brand.

For instance, “Fast & Free Shipping on All Orders – Guaranteed!” provides clarity and peace of mind.

Brand Logo

Your brand logo is your digital signature. It’s the visual cue that instantly connects recipients to your brand’s identity.

Whether it’s Nike’s iconic swoosh or Amazon’s recognizable smile, a well-placed logo reinforces brand recognition and trust.

#4 Hero Text

The hero text is like the glue that holds everything together – it’s the secret to maintaining a seamless flow of communication.

Imagine your email as a captivating story, with the hero banner setting the stage, but limited by space.

That’s where the hero text comes in, just below the banner.

It’s the persuasive powerhouse, connecting with the banner and extending the narrative with compelling lines that drive your message home.

With this dynamic duo, your emails not only look good but also convey their purpose efficiently, making sure your audience stays engaged every step of the way.

#5 Email Layouts

Ready to step up your email marketing game? The key lies in a well-crafted email layout that grabs attention and converts.

It’s all about crafting a design that not only looks great but also drives engagement.

Here, we’ll unravel the art of a well-structured email layout that ensures your message is not only seen but also heard loud and clear!

Understand How Emails Are Read

Unlock the Secrets of Email Reading Habits

But before we embark on the exciting journey of crafting stellar emails, let’s take a quick peek behind the email-reading curtain.

Most people spend just 11 seconds skimming through sales emails, according to a Nielsen Norman Group eye tracking study.

That’s roughly 37 words’ worth of attention – so all those beautifully crafted paragraphs might’ve been missed (cue the copywriter’s woes).

Now, which parts get the spotlight?

  • Headlines.
  • The initial 1-2 lines of text.
  • Those trusty bullet points. Fun fact: Readers adore the first bullet point and the opening words of each bullet.
  • Links and buttons. They’re like the flashy stars of the email show, often dressed in blue and underlined.

But wait, there’s more! Knowing where your subscribers are checking their emails is key.

Believe it or not, a whopping 85% of folks turn to their trusty cellphones for email checking, says Adobe.

As we dive into the art of crafting irresistible ecommerce emails, let’s keep these email insights close to heart, shall we?

Make Your Email Mobile Friendly

Get Your Emails Mobile-Ready!

Make sure your emails shine on those tiny screens – because let’s face it, most of your subscribers are probably scrolling through their phones.

Here’s your mobile-friendly game plan:

  • Go Vertical
    When your email’s on the phone stage, it’s all about that single-column spotlight. Make your content flow seamlessly from top to bottom.
  • Size Matters
    The text should stand tall and proud! Headlines and subheadings aim for the 22-26px sweet spot, while body text rocks it at 14-16px.
  • Click It Good
    Your Calls to Action (CTAs) should be like shining beacons. Place your first CTA button in the hero section, right under that captivating image or subhead. Add a couple more below for good measure. Remember, bigger is better – aim for CTA buttons at least 45 x 45 pixels for maximum visibility.
  • Image Insurance
    Alt text to the rescue! Not only does it make your email more accessible, but it’s also the backup singer when images decide to play hide and seek.
  • Embrace the Dark Side
    Don’t forget to give your crucial info a makeover for dark mode enthusiasts. It’s all about making sure your content looks good in every email dimension.

Some examples: 

So, there you have it – your ticket to mobile email stardom! 🌟 Ready to dazzle those subscribers on the go?

Inverted pyramid model

Imagine you’re crafting an email, and you want your message to hit immediately. That’s where the inverted pyramid method in email marketing swoops in like a superhero.

Picture your email as a juicy scoop of ice cream. The inverted pyramid method is the cherry on top that ensures your subscribers get the tastiest bits first. 🍦🍒

In this clever approach, you start with the most important stuff right at the beginning. Just like a news article, your headline grabs the main focus.

Let’s say you’re selling concert tickets – your email’s top scoop could be “50% Off Exclusive Concert Tickets!”

Then, you sprinkle the yummy details, like the date, venue, and artist, down below.

Finally, add some tempting extras, like exclusive VIP perks, for those who read all the way to the end.

Result? Subscribers are hooked from the get-go, and your email becomes the flavor they can’t resist.

For Example:

Z Pattern

Imagine your email is a treasure map, and your readers are on a quest for valuable information. That’s where the Z pattern method swoops in as your guiding compass. It’s like leading your readers through a thrilling adventure, where their eyes follow a Z-shaped path across your email.

The Z pattern is the secret path to buried gold in your subscribers’ inboxes.

Here’s the deal- readers naturally follow a Z-shaped pattern when scanning emails.

Start strong at the top left corner with an eye-catching headline, like “Hot Summer Deals Inside!” Then, guide them diagonally across with a teaser sentence or image, hinting at the treasure within – say, “Get ready for sizzling discounts.”

Now, zigzag them down the other diagonal with the juiciest details, like product highlights and enticing offers.

Finish strong with a clear Call to Action (CTA) at the bottom right, leading them straight to the X marks the spot – your website or checkout page.

Result? Subscribers embark on a thrilling journey, and your email becomes their treasure map to irresistible deals. ⛵💰

According to the graphic designer, Mary Stribley, “An angular layout is both enticing to look at as well as functional to order lots of information and imagery.”

For Example:

F Shape Layout

Ever wondered how people really read your emails? It’s a bit like following a treasure map, and the X that marks the spot is the F-shaped scanning pattern! 🧐📧

Imagine you’re sending out an email packed with content.

Picture this: You send out an email packed with info. But here’s the twist – readers follow an F-shaped scanning pattern.
They start at the top-left corner, sweep horizontally, shift down a bit, and do another horizontal scan, stopping earlier each time. Until all your content is unveiled.

But here’s the kicker- this pattern suggests scanning, not reading. So, stash your key info at the top, where it’s likely to be devoured.

Less important stuff? Tuck it away on the left.

And for those text-heavy emails? Spice ’em up with visuals to keep the adventure alive! 🌟🗺️

This means you should probably avoid large blocks of text in an email.


One Column

Imagine your email as a one-man show, where the spotlight is on the star of the stage – the One Column Layout! 🌟💌

Here’s the scoop- one column emails are like the Swiss Army knife of email marketing.

They play nice on both desktop and mobile, effortlessly adapting to whichever screen your reader’s got. It’s like having a magician who knows all the tricks!

Think about it! On your smartphone, they gracefully scale images and gracefully fit the screen.

On your desktop, they exude simplicity and elegance. No confusion, no chaos.

What’s even cooler?

The one-column design acts as a guide, effortlessly directing your readers’ gaze to what matters most. It’s like having a GPS for your email, showing your audience exactly where to go next.

For example- your email’s got a fresh product launch. With a one column layout, you can spotlight that shiny new product at the top, followed by its juicy details and a crystal-clear call to action.

No distractions, just pure engagement!

So, whether your readers are on their laptop, tablet, or smartphone, the one column layout is your trusty sidekick, ensuring they leave your email feeling informed, delighted, and ready to take action! 🚀📱🖥️

#6 Compelling Product Images

In email marketing, it is safe to say that images are one of the most important elements when it comes to designing emails. Interestingly, 65% of readers prefer emails that contain images.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and compelling product images are your storytelling superheroes.

They’re the visual hooks that draw your audience into the narrative.

Here, we’ll unveil the art of creating & picking product images that captivate your readers and make them eager to click “Buy Now.”

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