Passion To Profit: Ultimate Guide on Launching Your Curated Boxes Subscription Program

Dive into the joy of surprises with the Curated Boxes Subscription Program – where excitement and curated magic come together!

They are also known as subscription box businesses, this innovative approach tailors product collections to meet individual customers’ unique needs and tastes.

While this model is widely recognized in apparel and beauty products, it seamlessly extends its appeal across various industries.

Imagine receiving a monthly package with handpicked samples that precisely match your preferences. Birchbox, an exemplary case, excels in delivering such personalized experiences.

Yet, the power of the curation model isn’t confined to beauty products; it extends to diverse industries, even accommodating the changing dynamics during the pandemic by offering subscription boxes for everyday needs.

Subscribers seek highly personalized product recommendations, demonstrating a willingness to pay a premium for exceptional quality. The immense profit potential is evident, but so are the challenges, as attracting and retaining customers requires significant investment in marketing, branding, and packaging.

Join me as I explore the fascinating world of curated boxes, where personalization meets profit.

In this article, I will cover:

  1. How to make the incentive structure of curation subscription services.
  2. How & where to promote the enrolment plan for curated boxes.
  3. How to retain the members of curated boxes.
  4. The Winback strategy of curated boxes.

1. The Incentive Structure Of Curation Subscription Services

Crafting a compelling incentive structure for curation subscription services is paramount to engage customers and enhance their experience. The pricing strategy, coupled with attractive perks, plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of such services.

Top 3 Box Prices

The first key element in the incentive structure revolves around offering a variety of subscription box prices to cater to different customer preferences and budgets. The top three box prices include:

  1. Low Variant– This entry-level option is designed for budget-conscious customers who still want to experience the joy of curated products. It offers an affordable way to explore new items without breaking the bank.
  2. Bestseller– Positioned as the most popular choice, the Bestseller variant provides a balanced selection of curated products that have garnered widespread acclaim. It caters to those seeking a well-rounded and curated experience with a mix of quality items.
  3. High Variant– The High Variant targets customers who are willing to invest more for a premium curation experience. It often includes exclusive, high-end products, creating a sense of exclusivity and luxury for subscribers who appreciate top-tier offerings.

In addition to diverse pricing options, offering free shipping further sweetens the deal for subscribers. Free shipping is a powerful incentive that not only adds tangible value to the subscription but also reduces the overall cost for the customer, making the service more attractive.

Bundle Discount

The second component of the incentive structure involves introducing a bundle discount system, encouraging customers to commit to longer subscription periods. This tiered approach includes:

  1. Monthly Cost– Subscribers opting for the month-to-month commitment enjoy the standard pricing for each box. This flexibility caters to those who prefer a short-term commitment or want to test the waters before committing to a longer subscription.
  2. 3 Months Discount– Encouraging a slightly longer commitment, the 3 Months Discount offers a reduced rate per box for customers who subscribe for a quarter. This provides a balance between commitment and flexibility, rewarding subscribers with cost savings.
  3. 6 Months Discount– The 6 Months Discount represents the highest level of commitment, with subscribers receiving the most significant reduction in cost per box. This tier is designed for those who are dedicated to the curation service and appreciate the long-term value and savings it provides.

A well-crafted incentive structure combining varied pricing options and enticing discounts ensures a subscription service that attracts and retains a diverse customer base, providing value and satisfaction at every tier.

2. Enrollment Plan For Curation Subscription Services

Promoting the enrollment plan for curation subscription services is crucial to attracting and retaining customers. Employing a multi-channel approach ensures visibility and engagement. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how and where to promote the enrollment plan:

On Website

  1. Home Page– The home page serves as the digital storefront, and prominently featuring the enrollment plan here is essential. Implement eye-catching banners, sliders, or call-to-action buttons that lead visitors directly to subscription details. Make the enrollment options easily accessible, providing a seamless user experience.
  2. Landing Page & Personalization Survey– Create a dedicated landing page that focuses on explaining the benefits of the curation subscription service. Include a personalization survey to understand customer preferences better. Tailor the landing page content to highlight how the enrollment plan aligns with individual tastes, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Email Automation

  1. Personalization Follow-Up Sequence of Emails– Implement a personalized email sequence targeting potential subscribers. Utilize data from the personalization survey to send tailored recommendations and highlight the unique aspects of the curation service. Create a series of emails that gradually showcase the value of enrolling in the subscription plan, emphasizing the convenience and excitement of receiving curated products regularly.
  2. Subscription Abandonment Cart– Leverage email automation for cart abandonment scenarios. If a visitor adds items to their subscription cart but doesn’t complete the enrollment process, trigger automated emails to remind them of their selections. Consider offering incentives or exclusive deals to encourage them to finalize their subscription.

Offers Around Subscription

  1. 3-6 Months Subscription Discount Campaigns– Launch targeted campaigns promoting discounted rates for subscribers committing to longer periods, such as 3-6 months. Highlight the cost savings and exclusive perks of extended subscriptions. Use persuasive messaging to convey the value of a more extended commitment, emphasizing the convenience and continuous enjoyment of curated products.

Incorporate visually appealing graphics and persuasive copy across all promotional channels. Consistency in branding and messaging fosters trust and reinforces the value proposition of the curation subscription service.

Regularly analyze data and feedback to refine promotional strategies, ensuring they align with customer expectations and market trends. By strategically implementing these promotional tactics across various touchpoints, curation subscription services can effectively drive enrollment and cultivate a loyal customer base.

3. How To Retain The Members Of Curation Subscription Service

Ensuring the retention of members in a curation subscription service is crucial for long-term success. Implementing effective communication automation, retention features, and targeted solutions can enhance the overall subscriber experience and keep members engaged.

Communication Automation

  1. Subscription Onboarding– Engage new subscribers immediately with a comprehensive onboarding process. Use automated emails or notifications to guide them through the service, explaining how it works, what to expect, and highlighting the personalized benefits. This initial communication sets the tone for a positive subscriber experience.
  2. Before the Upcoming Subscription Alert– Send timely alerts or reminders before the upcoming subscription renewal. Keep members informed about the upcoming curated box, building anticipation and ensuring they have the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to their preferences or subscription details.
  3. After Box Delivery Feedback and Engagement– Gather feedback after each box delivery to understand member satisfaction and preferences. Implement automated surveys or follow-up emails to encourage members to share their thoughts. This engagement shows that their opinions matter and provides valuable insights for continuous improvement.

Retention Features That Allow Shoppers To Control Their Logistics

  1. Skip/Pause Order– Introduce flexibility by allowing members to skip or pause their subscription for a specific month. Life gets busy, and this feature accommodates the varying schedules and preferences of subscribers, preventing unnecessary cancellations.
  2. Swap Order– Provide the option for members to swap items in their curated box. This customization feature adds a layer of personalization, ensuring that subscribers receive products they genuinely desire, reducing the likelihood of dissatisfaction.
  3. Delay Order– Life events or unexpected situations can impact subscribers’ ability to receive their curated boxes on time. Offering the option to delay an order accommodates such circumstances, preventing frustration and maintaining a positive customer experience.
  4. Dunning Solution– Implement a dunning solution to address payment issues promptly. Automated reminders and notifications for failed payments help reduce involuntary churn, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted subscription experience for members.

Retention Solutions

  1. Retention Surprise Rewards– Surprise and delight members with occasional rewards or bonuses based on their subscription tenure. This unexpected gesture shows appreciation for their loyalty, fostering a stronger connection and encouraging continued membership.
  2. Loyalty Points– Introduce a loyalty points system where members earn points for each successful subscription renewal or engagement activity. These points can be redeemed for discounts, exclusive items, or other perks, incentivizing members to stay committed to the curation subscription service.

Combining effective communication automation, retention features, and targeted solutions creates a holistic approach to member retention in curation subscription services. By understanding and addressing subscriber needs and preferences, these strategies contribute to a positive and enduring relationship between the service and its members.

The Winback Strategy For Curation Subscription Service

To re-engage inactive subscribers into a curation subscription service, a well-crafted Winback Strategy is essential. Utilizing email automation plays a pivotal role in reaching out to lapsed members and enticing them to return.

  1. Survey Feedback– Implementing a survey in the winback email allows the service to gather insights into why subscribers became inactive. By understanding their reasons, the curation subscription service can tailor future offerings to meet customer expectations better. The survey can include questions about preferences, pricing concerns, or any specific issues that led to their disengagement.
  2. Winback Discount– One of the most effective incentives is offering a winback discount. This exclusive offer serves as a compelling reason for inactive subscribers to reconsider and reactivate their subscriptions. Whether it’s a percentage off their next curated box or an additional free item, the winback discount creates a sense of value, encouraging subscribers to give the service another chance.

By combining survey feedback with tempting incentives like winback discounts through email automation, curation subscription services can strategically reconnect with lapsed members, address their concerns, and reignite their interest in the curated experience.


A successful curation subscription service thrives on a carefully designed ecosystem that encompasses enrollment, retention, and winback strategies. The key lies in offering diverse subscription options, personalized communication, and flexible features to cater to a wide audience.

Employing automation for onboarding, reminders, and feedback ensures a seamless subscriber journey. Retention features like order customization and pause options enhance member satisfaction, while loyalty points and surprise rewards foster lasting relationships.

Additionally, in cases of lapses, a strategic winback plan with survey feedback and enticing discounts acts as a powerful tool to revive interest. By integrating these elements, curation subscription services can cultivate a loyal customer base, driving sustained growth and success.


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