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Sadly, 77% of ecommerce stores will never generate 30% – 60% additional revenue from email marketing.

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We are a fully done-for-you email marketing agency where we completely take over your company’s email marketing and produce high-quality campaigns & set up automation flows that increases conversions, repeat purchase, and average order value.

What You’ll Get From Our Email Marketing Services

  • Your entire email marketing strategy and execution outsourced, start to finish
    • Benefit: Most firms just set up a few automation and send 1-2 emails per month only for major events. We’ll create a complete email marketing strategy for you from start to finish and execute on all of it. Think of us as an extension of your marketing team.
  • Automations or Flows along the complete customer journey
    • Benefit: Personalize communication for each customer stage. Be it for a first-time buyer, repeat buyer, lapsed customer, or someone just subscribed to the brand.
  • Aggressive List Building To Capture Subscribers
    • Benefit: Get more subscribers, more opportunities to engage with your audience. Increased ROI per email sent.
  • Frequently Sending Regular Promotional Campaigns
    • Benefit: Engaging with your audience regularly leads to great brand recall and conversions. 
  • Extensive Customer Segmentation
    • Benefit: Highly targeted and personalized com munition. No spam, no unattended messages to the customer.
  • Customized plan to increase conversions
    • Benefit: Less dependency on paid channels and developing email into a substantial growth channel.
  • Customized plan to increase repeat purchase
    • Benefit: Less one-time buyers and more loyal customers. More profitable and dependable growth for your brand.

Our Full Service Email Marketing Agency Promise


Email Marketing Revenue


Repeat Purchase Rate


Subscriber Growth Rate

Our Experience

We have more than a decade of experience in ecommerce and email marketing. Our Founder Rahi used to run his own $10mn+ ecommerce brand which got closed due to high dependency on paid marketing. Since then we have worked with brands to improve their customer retention (hence, name RetainUp). Email marketing is the best way to engage with your existing customers and increase customer retention. 

Email Marketing Services: Return on Investment

Here is why we think many companies will benefit by choosing RetainUp as their email marketing agency:

  1. Less Expensive: All in cost (including benefits, etc.) for one full-time employee (or team of people- copywriter, designer, email marketer, etc.) in email marketing is higher than what our agency charges. We do more than any one person could do on their own.
  2. Better Results: We have more experience, a better system, and can out deliver an internal team or any other agency you can hire. We provide the highest ROI in the industry.
  3. Better Targeting: We look at complete customer journey and customer segments before creating every campaign & automation. Every message is customized and targeted to relevant customer. No spam and no unwanted messages.
  4. Faster Turnaround: Our process is built on speed. We can accommodate last minute changes, flash sales, offers with high accuracy. Email marketing especially campaign management is very time sensitive. 
  5. More Experience: We are solely focused on ecommerce businesses. Along with our extensive ecommerce experience as a founder, we have experience working with 30+ brands in similar domain. 
  6. More Flexibility: We work on a monthly payment model without any 6 months or 12 months contracts.

Our Agency Pricing

We have two core service pricing, based on which we create a completely customized plan for every brand – 

Email Campaign

Email campaign is a promotional newsletter that is sent to customers for events like Black Friday, New Arrivals, or theme-based promotions. Every campaign includes –

  • Ideation & audience recommendation. 
  • Copywriting (subject lines & body)
  • Template & design
  • Setup of the campaign in ESP (Klaviyo, Mailchimp, etc.)

Email Automation

Email automation is journey or automation which is automated for each customer depending on the trigger and segmentation. Each automation includes – 

  • Strategy creation (including rule sets & creative direction etc.)
  • Strategy call to discuss and refine the proposed approach
  • 2-3 emails in each flow
  • Template design work for every email in the flow
  • Subject line and body copy creation for all emails
  • Setup, testing and implementation in Tool
  • 30 day post implementation report to assess and analyse performance.

The monthly execution plan depends on the stage of the business, the scope of work, and requirements.

To get started, schedule a call using contact.

Email Marketing Service Details

Email List Building

To work on retention, the first step in the email marketing is to implement pop up forms for capturing the email addresses of your customers on your web page. 


Once, we have a list of your customers which includes your wannabe customers, your favorite customers, I’ll be there for your customers. We Segment them!

Strategy and planning

Create the best solution email strategy plan for your audience and make them irresistible to go away from your store.

Automation Flows

Setup email automation flows in the email marketing automation tool. Workflows like welcome, search abandonment, cart abandonment, winback, post purchase, browse abandonment etc.


Before and after reports for result analysis and further optimization.


Running content A/B tests, segment splits, time change inside your flows to optimise.

Ecommerce growth formula

I implement highly personalised email campaigns for complete customer journey.

I implement complete marketing automation across all mode of communication including emails, SMS, push notification and pop ups.

I implement highly personalised email campaigns for complete customer journey.

I implement highly personalised email campaigns for complete customer journey.

When you join us at RetainUp, you can invest with confidence because you’ll always be covered by our money-back guarantee.

In the extremely unlikely event we can’t help you Generate 30% – 60% Revenue From Email Every Single Month in 45 days, we’ll refund every cent you’ve invested with us – no questions asked.

And we will work for free till you see results.


Typically we take 4-6 weeks to get 6 core automations live on the website. For speedy execution, we require approval or feedback within 2 working days upon receipt of copy and design assets.

Absolutely. Every business is different, and plans are customizable based on the requirement of the brand. Reach out to us at to get a custom quote for your need.

Once signed, we start with the monthly project plan as per the deliverables. In the meantime, we share one onboarding sheet, which requires all brand assets, guidelines, and access to be shared before we start working. Once we get access, we prepare the strategy documents (calendar or automation blueprint) for approval. On the onboarding call, we go over the strategy to start the execution.

All our plans include copy, design, and ESP tool setup. On each email a dedicated team of copywriter, designer, certified tool expert, and email strategist works for you. Completely end-to-end email marketing service.

On every project, we connect over ClickUp (Project Management Access), Slack (Fast Communication), and Google Drive (For Project Assets). A dedicated project manager works with you for any communication or feedback. We are responsive over email and slack.

We get approval for all creatives that go live. We use comments and annotations in ClickUp or Drive to get feedback. We encourage detailed feedback during the initial stage to align. We allow 2 iterations per creative, so we would require stacking up the feedback before it goes to revision.


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