Welcome Flow Email Series For Ecommerce

Welcome your customers to your brand. Welcome email will get the highest CTR and open rate for your brand possible with email. I promise.

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What’s A Welcome Email

A welcome email is simply the first mail your customer receives on signing up, and it should make them feel happy for signing up.

Customers get exposed to the brand personality for the first time on email.

The objective is to keep the same level of

Customer Mindspace

What’s the most common emotion you feel when signing up for a newsletter –



Eager to take action.

Eager to listen more.

Eager to engage more.

Eager to learn more.

Little hesitant.


Many thoughts are coming to customer mind when they sign up for the newsletter, but the common thread is they want to hear from you.

They want to hear from you, that’s why they have just registered in the first place.

There are 3 types of customers who sign up for the newsletter –

  1. Looking to know more.
  2. Looking to get some deal, offer or guide as promised.

Looking to be appreciated as giving email is a signal of trust.

They already have some trust to start sharing their email id.

Business Goals

As a business you want customers to buy whatever you are selling.

Nobody buys for rational reasons, people buy for emotional reasons and then rationalize the decision.

There are 5 levels of customer awareness –

  1. Problem Unaware. Not even know there is a problem which exists.
  2. Solution Unaware. Know they have a problem but still not aware of the possible solution.
  3. Product Unaware. Know they have a problem for which solution exists. Not sure about the product aware.
  4. Your Product Unaware. Know multiple products are solving the problems but not sure about buying you or your competition.
  5. Most aware. Confident about your product will solve their problem in best possible manner.

Brand Personality

Push User Down The Funnel

Ensure Future Email Deliverablity

The goal of your first email is the user will open the second email.

The goal of your second email is the user will open your third email.

The goal of your third email is the user will open your fourth email.

You may drift.

Every email is like a chain, you screw up one and users will punish you with all mightly vengeance for wasting their time. Some might forgive for the first time, but play with their trust for long, eventually, they will unsubscribe you.

Welcome Email Series

Now, given the positive mind-frame of the customer, we need to capture this moment to drive the maximum point.

Welcome To The Brand Email

  • Welcome To Community
  • Social Proof Of Brand
  • Add to contact instruction
  • Link for App
  • Blog & Social Media Links
  • Account Setup Guide (SaaS)

Setup Help Email

  • Can we help you with setup? Talk to our expert for quick service.(SaaS)
  • Famous Case Studies of other companies using the product (SaaS)

Buying Intent Mail

  • Deals or offers running currently.
  • List of bestseller products / plans
  • Reviews / Testimonials of Products

Content Intent Mail

  • Best content/articles educating customer
  • Blog Link
  • Social Media Links & Stories

Long Term Association Mail

  • Introduction to Loyalty Program
  • Referral Program
  • Any offer for repeat purchase like Cashback

Welcome Email Structuring

Welcome Subject Lines

Some subject lines work best for the welcome email

Inspirations Welcome CTAs

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