Is your 20% revenue coming from email? Are your emails getting 20% open rates? Are your flows making you money while you asleep? Is your ROI on email marketing tool is less than 40X?

If your answer is in negation, then there’s a scope of improvement and you coming this far is a clear validation of good things to come in future.

Email audit can help us uncover the areas to work. I will be covering 100+ parameters to check in any email account. Let’s get started.

Since organic reach on social media platforms has been primarily restricted, email marketing has seen a renewed interest.

Most social media are rented platforms where you build your audience, and with all things rented, there is always a fear of eviction. Your email list is your owned audience, which can be put in use.

You want more orders, shoot a newsletter. You just launched some fantastic piece of content, shoot a newsletter.

Social reach can be restricted, but emails will get you your numbers. Provided, done right.

In short, email works when done right. Let's find how to do it right.

Email Audit Benefits

Given the long history of email marketing, there's a lot of levers moving and lots of dimensions. Sometimes you can lose sight of some. Email audit will help you discover those.

Email audit is a great way to get -

  1. Review of current numbers and benchmarks.
  2. Actionable list to improve the current situation.

One word of caution, email audits are great on running accounts, preferably for least three months. For new accounts, the audit will lead to very few insights.

Ideally, an email audit done once a quarter is sufficient on active accounts. You can download $$Link$$ the checklist to do it yourself.

Let's dive into the dimensions to look at the whole email marketing initiative in an organization.

Email Audit Dimensions

email marketing audit framework

While doing an audit, I look at the following dimensions -

  1. Deliverability and Technical Audit - Looks from delivery in inbox, security and third party technical integrations.
  2. List Health Audit - Looks from list building, list management and list cleaning.
  3. Segmentation Strategy Audit - Review whole all segmentations and their usage.
  4. Design and Copy Audit - Review brand guidelines, design and template best practices.
  5. Transactional Emails Audit - Covers the transactional emails triggered by the system like account creation, forget the password.
  6. Lifecycle Emails Audit - Covers customer lifecycle emails along with complete customer journey.
  7. Content and Promotional Emails Audit - Covers promotional emails manually sent.
  8. Analytical and Testing Audit - Looks from email A/B testing and optimization.

1. Email Deliverability and Technical Audit

Checking Reputation -

Domain and IP Address Sender Score

Inbox Reporting Domain & IP Blacklists DKIM Keys / DNS LoopUp / DMARC SPF Record Feedback loops are integrated. Strict bounce-removal policy CAN-SPAM Compliant Valid and Easy Unsubscribe Whitelisting Information From "Email" like info/update are more likely to land in the primary tab than shopping. E-commerce platform integrated and metrics working Facebook segment created (Klaviyo)

2. Email List Health Audit

Average Subscription Rate Average Unsubscription Rate Average Click-Through Rate The list growth rate over a period of year/month Check for the additional fields along with the list Data collected from other tools which can be integrated or pulled into the system Newsletter sign up at checkout and on the home page. Share more areas around list building Review the source of the list and how they were collected Source Sign up % (Impressions vs Sign Up) Form Setup and Trigger testing Last list cleaning is done Do you store and suppress unsubscribed list members, so you avoid sending them an email? Using a straight opt-in/ opt out option

3. Email Segmentation Strategy Audit

Dynamic Update of Segments Happening Product or brand-specific segments created RFM Based Segments Created Dormant users are excluded from the campaigns VIP / Engaged segment created Sending similar emails to all users Are you sending the newsletter to more than just one segment?

4. Email Design and Copy Audit

"From" Line "Preheader" Line "Subject" Line "Header" "Hook" / "Clarity" Brand Guidelines (Overall Look and Feel) Have you given all the images Alt tags? Clear Call To Action Avoid plenty of stock images Not personalizing your email "Footer" Display issues across email clients and devices Sending emails with broken links Image/text Ratio if not maintained, can lead to low delivery rates. Check the spam score Sending emails without testing Forget to check to spell

5. Transactional Emails Audit

The review copy of transactional emails Review tracking and performance of transactions Suggest moving transactional to automation

6. Lifecycle Emails Audit

Checking for manual vs automatic setting Check for the data integration/segment Checking for the content of emails Checking for negation condition for the flow Check for the performance of lifecycle emails Optimization ideas / Testing ideas around the lifecycle Simple wins from existing flows by changing segments or triggers (Further segmentation of current flows) Map the customer journey and assign flows Missing flows can be industry-specific

7. Content and Promotional Emails Audit

Check the current email calendar based on last 30 days data Frequency of sending the promotional emails Mapping the list of segments used in last one month Mapping the content theme used in last one month Assess the campaigns with best and worst open rate, click-through rate, bounces, unsubscribes, and revenue Establish the high-performing subject lines and CTAs Check for the best performing segments Analyze the templates of the campaigns that performed the best. Best performing content type

8. Analytical and Testing Audit

Subject Line Tested CTA Copy Tested Sending Time Tested Layout A/B Tested Testing in Flows Done / Kept Track Check emails link tagging for GA Check email performance in GA Campaign Revenue / Other Metrics in GA Open Rate Click Rate Click To Open Rate Forward Rate Social Shares Conversion Rate AOV Total Revenue Un subscription rate Complaints