Maximizing Loyalty: Strategies to Engage Ecommerce Repeat Buyers and Transform Them into Brand Advocates

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, a mere 5% increase in customer retention can boost profits by 25% to 95%.

This staggering statistic underscores the immense value of repeat buyers, who not only contribute to a significant portion of revenue but also have the potential to become fervent brand advocates.

Engaging these loyal customers effectively requires strategic communication, personalized experiences, and recognition of their loyalty.

Transforming repeat buyers into brand advocates is an art that, when mastered, can turn your most loyal customers into your biggest marketing asset.

In this article, we will discuss the complete framework of “Repeat Buyers” containing strategies to boost the engagement of repeat buyers and turn them into brand advocates.

The framework of the Repeat Buyers include the following:

  • Who Are Repeat Buyers?
  • Ideal Communication Frequency with the “Repeat Buyers”
  • Ideal Success Metric Of Repeat Buyers
  • Segmented Campaigns For Repeat Buyers
  • Dedicated Campaigns For Repeat Buyers
  • Automation For Repeat Buyers
  • Other Additional Channels

Who Are “Repeat Buyers”?

Repeat buyers are customers who have made multiple purchases from a brand. They have moved beyond the initial purchase and have formed a pattern of returning to the brand for their needs.

This group is crucial for businesses as they demonstrate trust and satisfaction with the brand’s offerings.

Engaging with these customers in a meaningful way can further solidify their loyalty and increase their lifetime value to the company.

Ideal Communication Frequency with the “Repeat Buyers”

Communicating with repeat buyers requires a balanced approach. The frequency should be medium—enough to keep the brand top-of-mind without overwhelming them with messages.

Tailored communication that acknowledges their loyalty and provides them with value can enhance their engagement.

This could include personalized offers, exclusive previews, or valuable content related to their interests and past purchases.

What’sThe Ideal Success Metric

The ideal success metric when engaging repeat buyers is the repeat purchase rate. This rate measures how effectively a brand retains its customers over time and encourages them to make additional purchases.

A high repeat purchase rate indicates strong customer loyalty and satisfaction, key indicators of a healthy relationship between a brand and its customers.

Now let’s talk about the strategies to boost the engagement of Repeat Buyers and convert them into Brand Advocates.

Segmented Campaigns

Segmented campaigns that offer personalization can significantly enhance the engagement of repeat buyers. Personal touches in communications make customers feel valued and recognized for their loyalty.

Deals or Products We Can Offer to the Repeat Buyers

a. Available/Remaining Loyalty Points: Notifying repeat buyers about their accumulated loyalty points serves as a reminder of the value they’ve already earned through their loyalty.

This nudge can encourage them to utilize these points on their next purchase, reinforcing the benefits of continuing to engage with the brand.

Tailoring the message to show exactly what their points can redeem—be it discounts, products, or exclusive experiences—makes this communication highly effective.

b. New Arrival Alert: Keep repeat buyers informed about new products or collections, giving them early access or exclusive previews.

Repeat buyers appreciate being the first to know about new products or collections. Exclusive alerts about new arrivals not only make them feel valued but also increase the likelihood of continued engagement.

This can be further personalized by highlighting new items that align with their past purchase behavior or expressed interests, making each communication feel bespoke and relevant.

c. Referral Program Section in Any Campaign: Encourage repeat buyers to share their love for the brand with friends, offering rewards for both the referrer and the referee.

Incorporating a section about the brand’s referral program into campaigns targeting repeat buyers taps into their potential to become brand advocates.

Offering them incentives for referring new customers not only rewards their loyalty but also leverages their satisfaction to attract new business.

Clearly communicating the benefits for both the referrer and the referee can motivate repeat buyers to participate actively.

Placement of Offers/Products for Maximum Visibility for Repeat Buyers

a. In the Header Strip of the Email Campaign: Immediate visibility of loyalty points or new arrivals encourages engagement from the moment the email is opened.

Placing key information or offers in the header strip (right at the top of the email campaign) ensures immediate visibility. Doing this can spark interest and encourage repeat buyers to read further.

This prime real estate should be used strategically to capture attention from the outset.

b. In the Hero Copy and Banner: The hero section aka the main banner of the email, with its large visuals and compelling copy, is perfect for showcasing new arrivals or highlighting the referral program.

This space can be used to tell a story or create an emotional connection, making the offer more appealing.

For example, featuring stunning imagery of new products alongside a personal welcome message can significantly boost engagement.

c. Additional Banners In The Footer Section: The footer is an ideal place for reminders or secondary calls to action. For repeat buyers, a banner at the bottom of the email reminding them to check their loyalty points or inviting them to share the brand with friends can serve as a final nudge to engage.

Since the footer is often where readers look for additional information, it’s a strategic spot to reinforce messages conveyed earlier in the campaign.

Dedicated Campaigns For Repeat Buyers

Creating campaigns specifically designed for repeat buyers can further boost their engagement and loyalty.

Suitable Campaigns to Boost the Engagement of Repeat Buyers:

Early Sale Launch

Offering repeat buyers early access to sales is a powerful way to reward their loyalty and encourage continued engagement.

By granting them exclusive entry before the general public, brands can make these customers feel valued and special.

This strategy not only boosts sales but also strengthens the emotional connection between the brand and its repeat buyers.

Early access can be highlighted through personalized emails or SMS, creating anticipation and excitement for the upcoming sale.

Upsell/Bundle Campaigns

Upsell and bundle campaigns are tailored to suggest products that complement or enhance what the repeat buyer has already purchased.

For example, if a customer previously bought a protein powder, a campaign might offer a discount on premium protein powder or a bundle that includes combos.

These campaigns should leverage data from past purchases to ensure the offers are relevant and appealing.

By carefully curating these upsell or bundle options, brands can increase the average order value while providing repeat buyers with products that genuinely interest them.

Referral Campaigns

Reward customers for bringing new buyers to the brand, strengthening their engagement and loyalty. Offering a reward for both the referrer and the referee can significantly increase participation rates.

For instance, brands might offer a discount or free product to the repeat buyer for every successful referral, while the new customer also receives a welcome offer.

This not only expands the brand’s reach but also reinforces the repeat buyer’s commitment to the brand by involving them directly in its growth.

Free Gifts Campaigns

Surprise and delight repeat buyers with free gifts in their orders as a thank-you for their loyalty. This gesture of appreciation can be tied to a particular spending threshold or offered as part of a special promotion.

The key is to ensure the gift is relevant and desirable to the repeat buyer, potentially encouraging them to make a purchase they were considering or to increase their order size to meet the eligibility criteria for the free gift.

Collection Launch

Give repeat buyers exclusive access to new collections before the general public. This access can be promoted through dedicated email campaigns, social media announcements, or personalized invitations.

By allowing repeat buyers the first pick of new products, brands can not only drive sales but also gather early feedback from their most loyal customers, potentially guiding future product development.

Each of these dedicated campaign strategies for repeat buyers focuses on providing exclusive experiences, personalized offers, and opportunities for deeper engagement.

By recognizing and rewarding their loyalty in these ways, brands can effectively boost the engagement of repeat buyers and foster their evolution into enthusiastic brand advocates.

Automation For Repeat Buyers

As we know automation plays a crucial role in maintaining and enhancing customer engagement, especially for repeat buyers.

By leveraging automation, brands can deliver personalized experiences at scale, turning repeat buyers into brand advocates.

Here’s how two specific automated flows can significantly boost engagement:

VIP Member Automation

The VIP Member Automation is designed to recognize and reward the most loyal customers, those repeat buyers who have shown continued engagement with the brand.

This automated flow can segment customers based on their purchase history, frequency, and spending, enrolling them into a VIP program that offers exclusive perks.

Benefits could include early access to sales, special discounts, VIP-only events, or first looks at new products.

Automated emails or SMS messages can keep VIP members informed about their status, upcoming perks, and how close they are to unlocking the next level of rewards.

Personalizing these communications further enhances the feeling of exclusivity and appreciation, encouraging repeat buyers to advocate for the brand.

Loyalty Program/Subscription Automation Flow

For brands with loyalty programs or subscription services, automating communications around these elements can significantly increase engagement.

This flow can remind customers of the points they’ve accumulated and the rewards they’re eligible for, encouraging redemption or further purchases to reach the next reward tier.

Additionally, subscription-based businesses can automate renewal reminders, special offers for extending their subscription, or exclusive content for subscribers.

Tailoring these messages based on individual customer preferences and purchase history can make the program feel more personalized and valuable, deepening their commitment to the brand.

By implementing VIP Member Automation and Loyalty Program/Subscription Automation Flows, brands can effectively engage repeat buyers, providing them with a sense of belonging and appreciation that transforms them into enthusiastic brand advocates.

Other Additional Channels

To elevate the engagement of repeat buyers and foster their transformation into brand advocates, exploring additional channels is key. These platforms can offer more direct and personalized touchpoints, enhancing the customer experience and loyalty.

Loyalty Points SMS Alert Campaign

An SMS alert campaign focused on loyalty points serves as an instant, personal reminder to repeat buyers about the value they’ve accumulated through their loyalty.

This direct communication can inform them of how many points they have, what rewards or discounts they can redeem, and any upcoming opportunities to earn double points or special bonuses.

The immediacy of SMS ensures that these messages are seen and considered promptly, encouraging repeat buyers to take action, whether it’s making another purchase or engaging with the brand in other valuable ways.

On-site New Arrival Pop-Up

For online shoppers, an on-site pop-up announcing new arrivals can capture immediate interest and excitement.

When tailored to repeat buyers, such pop-ups can showcase products or collections that align with their known preferences or past purchases.

This real-time engagement tool can be especially effective for highlighting exclusive early access or special offers for repeat buyers, making them feel valued and privileged.

By leveraging on-site pop-ups, brands can directly influence the shopping experience, encouraging repeat purchases and deeper brand loyalty.

Utilizing these additional channels, brands can create a more dynamic and interactive engagement strategy for repeat buyers.

By meeting customers where they are and providing personalized, timely information, businesses can enhance satisfaction and loyalty, turning repeat buyers into passionate brand advocates.


Turning repeat buyers into true fans of your brand isn’t just about selling more—it’s about creating a strong bond.

To do this, it’s crucial to talk to them in the right way, show them how much they mean to your brand, and keep finding fresh ways to grab their attention.

By sending messages that speak directly to what they like, making them feel special with VIP treatments, and using quick messages or exciting website pop-ups, you can make them feel appreciated.

When you do all of this well, these loyal customers won’t just keep coming back—they’ll start telling everyone else how great your brand is.


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